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“…I used to be a supervisor at KinderCare™ and now I work full-time as a private nanny.  I can’t say enough about how great your Baby Sleep Noise combined mix works.  I wish I could have been using it years ago, but I’m sure happy to have it now anyways.”  - H. Nunez, Miami, FL


“ I can’t believe I almost spent $70 on a white noise machine!  ... I found your website and downloaded the audio files within minutes.  What a great deal and it really works!  I find especially the combined Baby Sleep Noise mix track work really well with my daughter at night...” – D. Johnson, San Diego, CA


“I made CD's from the Baby Sleep Noise audio files and gave them to my daughter. My grandson was having trouble sleeping at night.  …last night she just told me on the phone that not only is my grandson sleeping better but my daughter is happy because she's sleeping better to!” – C. Davis, San Diego, CA


“I’m amazed at the results! My daughter Solei never slept more than 3 hours.  Now we both are sleeping often 6 or even 7 hours straight through the night…” – E. Haydon, Boston, MA


“Our twins are finally both sleeping at the same time thanks to you. …thank you thank you thank you!”  -  M. Martinez, Los Angeles, CA


“I tried several of the tracks, but my son really likes the drone track for some reason. I play it and he goes to sleep so much faster than before…” – J. Martin, San Diego, CA


“After reading Dr. Karp’s book, The Happiest Baby on the Block, I found your website when I went looking for some white noise to try his technique. …I’m so pleased that I was able to find your site and download the files the same day without even leaving home…” – J. White, Houston, TX


“My daughter Michelle really zones out when I play her the car freeway sounds, just like she does in our own car.  It’s so cool and we don’t have to spend any money on gas…” – M. Little, Detroit, MI


“ My girlfriend told me about your website last week and she was so right about how easy it was to download the files and make a CD with them.  …I can’t believe how easy my son went to sleep last night! Thank you! ” – M. Nguyen, San Diego, CA


“My son Jacob now sleeps six instead of four hours at night thanks to you.” – D. Thomas, Albany, NY


“…great product and a great deal.  I tell all my friends and even strangers I see with babies about you.” - J. Jacobs, Las Vegas, NV


“I learned about the use of white noise while reading The Lull-A-Baby Sleep Plan by Cathryn Tobin.  While searching online for white noise, I was happy to find your site and download the sound files instantly.  …task done!” - D. Peck, Seattle, WA





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