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About Us : The Baby Sleep Noise Story

The founders of Baby Sleep Noise are the proud parents of twin boys Max and Alex. Their entrance into this world was the greatest thing ever to happen in their parent's lives. This extra wonderful blessing of twins however, also included the exhaustion of two babies that didn’t always want to sleep at the same time.

    photo of Alex and Max, twins boys sleeping
So Dad, a Professor of Music and Recording Technology then came up with a plan to help everyone in the family to get some much needed rest. Using sleep inducing noises and sound-scapes, he would help soothe the babies to sleep and also help them to sleep through the night. After research into sounds and noises popularly known to induce sleep, it was decided to experiment with individual sounds and combinations to find a potent combined "mix".    

The development process then began by recording sounds and noises that are known to help babies and adults sleep better. 

photo of dad with his twins boys in his lap
    The recording list included:
  Fetal Heart Beat
  White Noise
  Pink Noise (filtered white noise)
  Car Cabin/Engine noise (at idle)
  Car Cabin/Engine noise (at freeway speed)
  A Clothes Dryer
  A Low Frequency Drone
  An Electric Fan
  A Hair Dryer
  A Running Shower
  A Vacuum Cleaner
The Creator and Testers

We then began to experiment: individual sounds, combinations of sounds, more level, less level…

The result of the experiments produced our Baby Sleep Noise combined mix that uses the best performing sounds and noises in our own "twin tested" combination.   max sleeping with a smile
This specially tuned and unique mix, the "babysleepnoise combined mix" proved very potent and worked well on friend’s babies to! The results we’re so consistent with so many different babies, it was obvious, “why not offer it to the world and help other families?”.  
So now we offer the Baby Sleep Noise sound recording downloads, helping babies around the world sleep better while helping their exhausted parents get some much deserved rest.  

BONUS! We also included ALL 11 of the original individual Baby Sleep Noise Sounds listed above on the download page. That way, if you wish to use and/or experiment with just one of the sounds instead of our combined mix, you can.


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