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Personalize your baby gift by making your own CD labels with photos, personal messages or parenting words of wisdom. (not included)

You get ALL 11 of these
individual sound/noise files included!
  Fetal Heart Beat
  White Noise
  Pink Noise (filtered white noise)
  Car Cabin/Engine noise (at idle)
  Car Cabin/Engine noise (at freeway speed)
  A Clothes Dryer
  A Low Frequency Drone
  An Electric Fan
  A Hair Dryer
  A Running Shower
  A Vacuum Cleaner
Download 11 mp3's of different well known sleep inducing sounds/noises, plus our unique Baby Sleep Noise combined mix.
(Our unique Baby Sleep Noise combined mix is a potent sleep inducing noise/sound collage developed and tested on our own twin boys)

A Helpful and Inexpensive Baby/Newborn Gift - A Unique Item for your Baby Shower Gift Basket.
You choose : 15 minute or 1 hour length mp3 audio files.
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